Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Robotic Readers Updates - 10/10 and 10/13

Word on the street is that Friday's core values game was fantastic -- Thanks, Cashion!

The team discussed areas of interest:  We're definitely seeing the value of screening to catch dyslexia early.  The lids have a great understanding of the role a feeling of success and confidence plays. They've put forward one technology idea of an app that listens as a child reads allowed and gives positive reinforcement to build confidence.

The plan is to move forward with trying to get a contact from one of the states or districts where they do routine screening and see how effective it is and what lessons they've learned along the way.

The have more progress on logos and expect to be able to vote on our favorite on Friday 10/16.

Friday was Carnival Day at school, so the kids get a huge pat on the back just for being able to focus and make progress on such a frenetic (sugar-filled) day!

Monday we started with progress updates, then broke into groups:

  • Mateo and Ashton continued work on their mission.
  • Ainsley and Bryce mapped their mission on the table with the bamboo skewers, then broke it into discrete steps.  They'll make quick progress when the programming starts!
  • Hudon, Charlotte and Eva started looking into the Schenck School in Atlanta.  They specialize in dyslexia and we're hoping they will be willing to talk with us.  They came up with a list of questions and started investigating who we can reach out to. 
  • Will, Fiona and Cashion worked on the "Who" part of our presentation and a team motto.
For this Friday, we'll pikc up where we left off.  Hudson will be our game leader!

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